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Famous People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

People were unaware of obsessive-compulsive disorder some generations earlier. Many people who were affected by this illness had no idea what they were going through. OCD affects around 2.2 million people in the United States today. Among them are several well-known persons who suffer from OCD.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which a person experiences worry and concern that can only be relieved by engaging in specific obsessions and compulsions. OCD patients are frequently compelled to engage in repetitive behaviors or actions that they recognize as unreasonable.


No one is immune to mental health disorders; may it be famous or normal individuals; the following are some of the personalities that are believed to be suffering or have suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder:



Howard Hughes was a corporate entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, film director, and aviation pioneer who was widely considered as one of his generation’s most successful individuals. In recent times, though, he is almost as well-known for his illness as he is for his achievements.

Howard Hughes was renowned for being odd throughout his life, but as he got older, he grew more introverted and reclusive. His OCD was so bad that he had to isolate himself in a dark room that he deemed a germ-free zone. He greatly suffered from contamination and just right OCD.



  • Consumption of the same foods regularly
  • Stacking and rearranging tissue boxes.
  • He didn’t have to touch anything since he used tissue as a barrier.
  • Repeatedly watching the same movies while sitting on a chair, nude.
  • Compelling employees to wash their hands with unused soap bars daily.
  • necessitating employees to use paper towels or tissues to cover their hands while serving him meals, opening cabinet doors, touching restroom doorknobs, or retrieving his hearing aids.
  • Hughes’ spoons were to be wrapped in tissue and cellophane.


Charles Darwin is well known for his book On the Origins of Species, which is where the idea of evolution was initially proposed. Many believe he suffered from many illnesses, including OCD. Darwin was plagued by frequent worry and intrusive thoughts, which made life difficult for him.



  • Insomnia due to intrusive thoughts and ideas.
  • The dread that if he didn’t stop and cover his eyes tightly, his children might inherit a mental disease.
  • He was afraid he’d said something inappropriate or given the wrong impression.
  • As he suffered from heart palpitations, he thought he was suffering from a serious heart ailment.
  • Asking reassurance from others.
  • Darwin was also plagued by the perception that he was unattractive. This is related to Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which includes OCD-like symptoms and is thought to be on the OCD spectrum. BDD is characterized by a fixation with tiny defects or faults in one’s appearance, flaws that are so minute that others are unaware of them. Regardless, the patient is deeply ashamed of their looks.


Nicola Tesla is regarded as one of history’s most influential entrepreneurs, electrical engineers, physicists, and futurists. Tesla is most renowned for his contributions to the present AC energy supply system, which assists in the delivery of current to buildings. This man, whose innovations shaped the second half of the twentieth century, was suffering from mental health issues, the most severe of which was OCD. When Tesla developed OCD symptoms, he became preoccupied with the number three, forcing him to do things in threes. He always swam 33 laps in his daily swim, and if he lost track, he would start over from the beginning. He also felt compelled to traverse a city block three times before entering the building. And as he was out of the building, he could only turn right.



  • He always weighed the food before eating it.
  • Ate dinner at exactly 8:10 pm and he needed to have three napkins near his plate.
  • He was highly obsessed with counting how many times he chewed the food
  • Was afraid of pearls, meeting with people, shaking hands, and touching hair.
  • Obsessions with pigeons.
  • Excessive hand washing
  • Stayed in hotel rooms and floors that were divisible by three.
  • He polished and cleaned his silverware several times as he had an obsession with germs and contamination.

He had a strange habit of curling his toes several times at night.



Charlize Theron is an Oscar award-winning celebrity who suffers from OCD, which she describes as not enjoyable.  Her mind screws up if she isn’t extremely neat and structured because of her condition. She’s also admitted that the prospect of turmoil keeps her up at night. The award-winning actress incessantly thinks about her character whenever she receives a new role. She becomes fixated on the scripts and the details of her upcoming part.



  • The impulse of everything to be well-organized, tidy, and clean
  • Insomnia due to fears, worry, and anxiety
  • Avoid using any public toilets or toilets that don’t have a seat cover

She has an issue with cluttered cabinets and the idea that they hold items that should not be there.



Katy Perry is an American singer and songwriter who has to deal with a lot more than the paparazzi. She has been outspoken about her compulsive tendencies, claiming that the physical illness began when she was a youngster. In her home, the pop singer admits to having bizarre housekeeping habits. Katy’s OCD gets worse in some situations, like as on tour. She might have temper tantrums about trivial issues, and it can be difficult for her to handle the situation.



  • Hangs garments in a specific manner.
  • highly obsessed with color coordination 
  • Everything is buttoned up, and she is preoccupied with placing everything in alphabetical order. 
  • She has a strange cleaning ritual.
  • Is prone to germaphobia

If her clothing has cat hairs on them, she flips out. If her cosmetics fail, she becomes enraged. If there are fingerprints on her sunglasses, she loses her cool and becomes someone else.



In addition to dealing with drinking, the Harry Potter star reportedly battled severe OCD. He allegedly admitted that he once took five minutes to turn off a light. He also had a habit of repeating sentences. He claimed that the greatest thing he could do to help control his illness was to ask for assistance. Asking for assistance is not as simple as it may appear. It is, in fact, one of the most challenging tasks that mental health sufferers must take. Daniel’s OCD began at the age of five. He kept his illness hidden, but it only improved until he began working with a therapist. For this reason, he advises everyone dealing with OCD to open up about it and get expert therapy.


It is normal to have a mental health disorder these days with all these incoming stress and worries, only the true sufferers can feel the pain behind these ailments, many celebrities who suffer from OCD face devastating challenges daily to face and overcome the obsessions and compulsions. The above list constitutes a small portion of renowned people suffering from OCD, from their experiences it’s clear that OCD attacks differently to different people with varying reactions. Even if you don’t have OCD and you meet someone with certain obsessions or compulsions, avoid teasing them for their illness as they don’t have control over their actions, so accept and learn to love them and try to be part of curing their OCD.